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Teach English Natal Brazil

teach english natal brazil

Teach English Natal Brazil:

What are your chances of teaching English in Natal Brazil? Let’s study the possibilities.

Being a British or an American will not necessarily land you a nice-paying job in Brazil. It might not be what you’re expecting. Job applications from foreigners in Brazil aren’t usually given top priority. Jobs with satisfying salary are those in the public sector but only true Brazilian residents are entitled for these jobs. This is because companies have to follow certain hiring restrictions and local workers are highly qualified, t apart from knowing the culture and the Portuguese language.

If you are thinking of coming to Brazil,  and earn some money; Teach English Natal Brazil, and enjoy a fun and relaxed lifestyle, you might get disappointed because it doesn’t work the same way here as in the United States or Europe. The unemployment rate in this country is high while the pay is painfully low. A month’s pay here usually lasts for only two weeks.

On the bright side, however, a high-demand job for native English speakers in Natal Brazil is just around the corner.

Teach English Natal Brazil

The tourism industry in Natal and all of Brazil is booming, buoyed by the fact that the city of Natal is one of the four Brazilian cities that hosted the  FIFA Football Worldcup 2014This means there will be a growing demand for English school teachers in Brazil. If you are an English-speaking foreigner, you’ll no longer need to jump through hoops if you want to work as an English teacher in Brazil. Teaching English in Natal Brazil, will soon be a big thing in Natal.

Effects of the Tourism Boom – Teach English in Brazil

The Worldcup 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games had a huge impact to for Brazil?

Why will there be a big demand for people who are trained to teach English? To boost tourism in the country, it is naturally expected that anybody working in the tourism industry will be able to speak and converse in English. From waiters and cab drivers, to hotel receptionists and airline stewardesses. Have I mentioned that what is being claimed as Latin America’s biggest international airport is being constructed a few kilometers from Natal.

Who will benefit from your English-teaching services? The emerging boom in the tourist industry has made it necessary for students in universities to take up even the most basic English courses. In the coming years, many jobs in Natal and Brazil in general will be geared towards dealing with English-speaking tourist and it will be a must to learn their language if you want to land a promising job. English speaking guides would probably be required to have an English course certificate.

Effects on Trade and Economy

The rise in the tourist industry will increase the government’s revenue and improve the economy. The huge international airport near Natal, once it becomes operational in 2014, will boost trade relations with English-speaking countries. As a result, the ability to converse fluently in English is essential in improving Brazil’s trade relationships.

Hotel and business need English speaking staff if they expect to grow with the tourist trend. English teachers will also have as their students employees from several hotels and business firms who will be required to study the language in order to keep up with the growing tourist trend.

Teaching jobs in Natal are currently paying around R$1,300 to R$1,500 per month. It is kind of small even for the easy lifestyle in Natal. You should ask the school to include housing if you want to make ends meet. With the boom in tourism looming in the horizon, you can expect the pay rate for teaching English to rise dramatically.

Teaching english in Brazil:

The majority of demand for english teachers is found in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. English Teaching contracts are typical for six to twelve months. Because of this, you’ll need a tourist visa to teach in Brazil.

To teach english in Brazil, you will need some basic requirements:

  • Minimum 2 years of english teach inglés experience
  • A bachelor degree,in some subject
  • Some schools require some TOEFL certificate


Brazilian visas

Applying for a Work visa in Brazil is a process which takes some time, be prepared, there are many different types of visas. You’ll need a work permit for any paid work you take on in and of course the work visa as well.

Your future employer will apply for a work permit for you, you need to submit the following documents:

  • currículum vitae ( link to CV )
  • copies of the employment contract,
  • work documents and a
  • certified copy of your passport

to the Brazilian Ministry for Labour and Employment.

After approval from the Ministry… , you must apply for a work visa in your home country, therefore it is important that you find a Job, before you move to Brazil.

Teach English Natal Brazil: Preparing for an Job

If you are new to the business of teaching English, it’s best to apply for this type of job in private language schools and academies. You can find teaching job openings in the local newspaper, job boards, and through word-of-mouth by local people. These establishments can offer you jobs teaching English as a 2nd language to local business staffs, and as private tutors in different city locations such as a student’s home.

Your classes can be spread out from morning to late afternoon, so you need to be flexible. Most classes start in March and August and you will meet various kinds of students from total beginners to intermediate professional.

If you find a school that will hire you to teach English in Natal, or elsewhere in Brazil, they will give you the required documents to obtain a temporary visa and work permit from the Brazilian Consulate. It will be faster and easier to accomplish this if you have an employer who will sponsor you or if you can obtain governmental approval.

This is not a major problem as most schools in Natal Brazil employ English teachers even on a tourist visa. While this is not a permanent solution, you can start teaching English immediately even as you’re waiting to obtain your work visa.



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