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Surfing & Kite Surfing in Natal Brazil

Surfing in Natal Brazil

Surfing in Natal Brazil. The best surfing locations in the state of Rio Grande do Norte are found between Praia da Pipa and Tibau do Sul near Natal. Because it is favorably situated in the easternmost part of Brazil, the coastline of the state is blessed with the best surfing conditions as it enjoys the regular swells coming in from the south or northern Atlantic depending on the time of year.

The best surf season, however, is when strong swells enter the coast from the north Atlantic which is from November to March.

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Surfing in Natal Brazil – Spots for beginners and experienced surfers

There are various surfing spots in Barra do Cunhaú which are just minutes away from each other. One such location is a vast lagoon that flows out into the sea. The water is pleasantly flat, making it the perfect place for beginners to learn to stay on the board without being tossed by waves and for surfers who want to master a few fancy moves. The water condition here isn’t too daunting or discouraging for first time surfers. In fact, most of the water in the area is shallow enough to stand on.

Further up the beach to the lagoon’s right, there are nice enjoyable waves that reach up to one meter in height in shallow waters where your feet can still touch the bottom. This is the perfect spot for beginners to learn to ride the waves.

Near the mouth of the river on the left part of the lagoon, you will find that the waves get more challenging. Depending on the season, the size of the waves can reach up to two meters or over. This zone is for the expert surfers who have mastered control of their surfboard.

Surfing tours

For the more experienced surfers,  who want to get the most out of their Surfing in Natal Brazil trip, there are guided “surfing safaris” that will take them to waters where waves get high and exciting. For people learning to ride their surfboards for the first time, there are surf schools usually in the resort. Their rental fee includes surfing lessons from a pro and use of surfboard (hourly or daily).

There are surfing in Natal Brazil excursions that will introduce you to other excellent wave spots nearby or just a few minutes away.

  • The nearest wave spot is on the sandbanks at the mouth of the lagoon. It is ideal for surfers with some degree of experience.
  • On the right of the river’s mouth is a hollow reef that enjoys waves from the southeast for experienced surfers.
  • The beachbreak of La Boy with waves from the north, south, and east.
  • At the bay of dolphins, Do Curral has all kinds of waves but with absence of strong winds.
  • Ponta do Madeiro is a world-class surfing location with a long reef that is visited by swells from the north from November to March, with dominant southeast wind farther off shore.
  • The four-kilometer long Cacimbinhas beach is great when east and southeast waves are present. Farther out in the open sea are two reefs with perfect waves.

Kite surfing

Kites have become the latest craze in a new form of water sport called kite surfing that has gained immense popularity in the region of Praia da Pipa, Tibau do Sul and Barra do Cunhaú, as well as in other local beaches. The region has seen the influx of huge colorful kites that serve as another form of attraction to visitors.

Praia da Pipa and neighboring beaches have drawn in many kite surfing aficionados due to their perfect blend of ever-present winds nearly all year-round, their various terrains that fit the surfer’s experience level, great accommodations, and a wide range of tourist facilities. For beginners, the region has ideal learning conditions, like isolated beaches that have obstacle-free kite runways for smooth sailing. There are also ocean areas with waves for surfers who want more challenges.

Learning to kite surf

Many surfing beginners, for instance, prefer Malembá beach in the Tibau do Sul region because of its long strip of beach that are bordered by reefs that produce a natural pool. Apart from kite surfing on open waters beyond the reef enclosure, enthusiasts can also take advantage of the protected pool area and the broad strip of sand for further training. The pool area is ideal to learn body-dragging, where learners are dragged in the water to have a feel and understanding of the wind, and awareness of the kite’s pull.

There are several kite surfing courses in this region that offer up to seven hours of professional instructions on how to balance themselves on the board. While some learners will be able to stand up in their board in about a week, two weeks with two-hour classes per day are the recommended learning period to ensure the student masters the kite dynamics. The classes usually take up the subject of theory, practice, and safety. The fee includes transportation to the beach where the hands-on classes are held.



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