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Rent a Car Natal: Do You Need It in Natal Brazil?


rent a car

If you plan to rent a car in Natal Brazil, try to consider these facts first.

Ride a Public Transport or Rent a Car?

If you are a tourist in Natal, there are plenty of means for you to get around the city and enjoy the sights and attractions. First of all, most vacation packages include city tours which will allow you to see the city at no charge. If the city tour has you wanting to explore more of the city, then you can take any of the buses that ply their respective city routes.

Buses can take you in most places that are essential for travelers like hotels, dining places, shopping malls, tourist centers and local attraction, depending on the routes they take. The advantage of this mode of transport over a rent a car plan is that it is cheap and easily available anywhere in Natal Brazil.

Your next transport option are taxicabs. They are your best choice especially if you want a more private means of conveyance or when you want to get to a destination that isn’t reached by buses, like the beaches. Taxis can be a bit expensive but their fares are regulated by the government. Expect some problems on directions if the cab driver doesn’t speak English and you don’t have a road map.

For a more private means of moving around where you can have complete control of the vehicle, your best option is to rent a car in any of the car rental companies operating in Natal. You can even find Hertz and Avis car rental company for any particular rental car you want. One of the drawbacks of the different car rental offices in Natal is their staff rarely speak in English. You may have better luck in English-speaking staff with Hertz and Avis since they are American-owned companies.

“Do I need a car in Natal?”, you may ask. Again, that depends where you want to go and how you want to get there. If you want a private drive around the city or in some romantic beach with your significant other, then a car rental at Natal Airport or within the city should be considered. There are plenty of cheap rental cars as well as luxury vans and vehicles that you can chooses from depending on your budget.

A Few Word about Your Driver’s License

Before you even start to compare prices or scout for the best car rental discounts, you need to make sure that you have a valid driver license with you. Driving without a license or using an expired license can get you in a lot of trouble with traffic authorities who impose severe penalties. You’re not going off with a light hand slap, so it’s best to keep your driver licence in proper order.

If you are from the United Kingdom, for instance, you are permitted to drive a vehicle in Natal Brazil with your UK driver’s license as long as it has an authorized Portuguese translation. Resolution 345 of 2010 has made it simpler for foreign visitors to drive in Brazil. The only documents required today to drive in Brazil for up to 180 days are your original driver’s license and your passport. Make sure these documents are current and valid.

Why You Will Want to Rent a Car

Renting a vehicle in Natal is not expensive. You may find a major car rental company offering a lower rate than its competition. Even the car rental at the airport attract new arrivals with its best rental car deals.

The biggest car hire benefit is you can go just about anywhere at any time you want. While driving standards may differ in Natal Brazil, you’ll find it easy once you get used to driving on primary roads. The most popular beaches in and around Natal are less than 50 kilometers away and you’ll get there faster and easier on your rented car.

When You Shouldn’t Rent a Car in Natal Brazil

There may be instances when you should put off renting a buggy or car in Natal Brazil.

  • In case you’re used to left-hand traffic, Brazil has right-hand traffic.
  • The technology of many Brazilian cars is greatly outdated.
  • You may instead want to take advantage of the tours included in your package. You may have a comprehensive package that you won’t even have the time to drive a car.
  • A rented car may not always be the right kind of vehicle in certain places. Some beaches are best accessed by tours. The sand dunes of Genipabu is best travelled using a dune buggy. Even if you rent a dune buggy, only buggies with authorized drivers are allowed to travel in Genipabu. There are all-inclusive tours that include transportation to the Parrachos of Maracajau. Thus, to rent a car is useless here.
  • No matter how good a driver you are, you’ll need some time to get familiar with driving in Natal Brazil. They jokingly say that Brazil’s three F1 World Champions got their start by growing up driving in tough Brazilian thoroughfares.

After reading this information, it is now up to your discretion whether to rent a car in Brazil or take a cab instead.


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