Pipa Brazil: Guide to Praia da Pipa Beach

Pipa Beach (or Praia da Pipa in Portuguese) is one of Brazil’s most well-known beaches. It lies right next to Natal, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Norte. To be more precise, Praia da Pipa Brazil is located in the municipality of Tibau do Sul, more than 80 kilometers from the state capital.




See map below ( you can click on the placemarkers to see more images from Natal and Praia da Pipa )

Pipa Brazil also has one of the most excellent beach communities found along the sun-kisses Atlantic coast in the country’s northeast region. With the warm tropical sun, clean air, and beautiful windy weather all year round, it is no wonder that many tourist make it their favorite vacation getaway. This town of cliffs, lagoons and perfect waves is just an hour away from Natal and is much closer to Africa than to south Brazil.

A string of beaches can be found in both sides of the town. It possesses a variety of spectacular landscapes composed of black volcanic rock, natural pools, swaying palms, and pink cliffs. The beaches offer many hours of fascinating exploration because most of them are deserted and environmentally-protected.

One of the great things to do in Pipa Brazil is to charter a boat to see the playful dolphins at Dolphin Bay (Praia Curral) and surrounding waters. The 90-minute boat ride costs R$15 and leaves regularly from the main beach on the north end.

Pipa Brazil “Discovered”

Pipa Brazil Beach

This serene fishing village in the northeast end of Brazil is blessed with sandy beaches lapped by clear blue waters and bordered by picturesque cliffs. It drew in surfers and hippies back in the mid-1970’s. Soon, word about this newly “discovered” surfers’ paradise spread.

After the Brazilians, foreign tourists started to troop in to be part of the getaway scene. Before long, the place is teeming with both foreign and local visitors.

What used to be a tiny fishing village has now become a very popular and trendy cosmopolitan beach community, one of the best in the country.

Pipa Brazil rapidly became a place that’s known for its very energetic nightlife. It is the favorite destination for people from a wide range of culture – Brazilian youth, foreign backpackers, surfers, and hippies.

Recently, wealthy visitors have begun to come in for its high-class restaurants and accommodations.

Many tourists who visited Pipa ended up staying for good. A number of them have established their own businesses in town. Pipa has a small land area and expansion is restricted by law due to the environmentally protected areas. In spite of this, the town has a high concentration of hotels, dining places, tourist attractions, and bars.

Despite its cosmopolitan lifestyle, Pipa Brazil has retained some of its small fishing village quaintness and continues to draw more people from different countries. Just like its home state of Rio Grande do Norte, its lifestyle is friendly and laid back, with excellent restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the evening after a fun day of beach and sightseeing. Being predominantly a fishing village, don’t be surprised if you find the seafood extremely delightful to the taste.


Daytime Activities in Pipa Brazil

Daytime activities in Pipa can be as enjoyable as the ones at night. You can choose to take a quiet walk along the beach or join a boat excursion at low tide. The winds coming in from the Atlantic is ideal for parasailing and kite-surfing. Now is a good time to learn how to surf, with beginners’ course if you haven’t tried it yet. You can also ride a 4-wheel drive, an ATV, or a sand buggy to explore the lagoons and sand dunes in the area. Pipa also offers extreme slopes for sand-boarding, natural pools for snorkelling, and mangrove plantations for kayaking at sunset.


Praia da Pipa Brazil

Weather Considerations

Most of these outdoor activities all depend on wind and tide availability. In Pipa Brazil, however, all of these are present all year round, as well as the sun, although there is a very brief wet season. Pipa is hot and arid most days of the year except for the months of April to June which is the rainy season.

Even if your outdoor plans are marred by a rainy day, there’s no reason to be disappointed as the city of Natal offers a lot of fun and interesting activities in an interior setting. These can come in such places as museums, cinemas, shopping malls, and handicraft centers which can take your mind off the beaches for a while. Don’t forget that there are a lot of restaurants and bars in town as well to liven up a drizzly evening.

You can make Pipa a starting point for your great Brazilian beach adventure. Start at Natal’s northeast coast and head northwest to fantastic beaches like Jericoacoara, Fortaleza, and Canoa Quebrada.

Pipa By Air

Pipa Brazil takes around 8 hours to reach from the United States or Europe. This means that in just a few hours after boarding your plane, you could be swimming, surfing or soaking in the sun on one of Brazil’s most famous beaches, or discovering the fun-loving dolphins that inhabit the clear waters of Praia Curral near Pipa.


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