Natal Buggy Tours

Natal Buggy Tours: Take a Wild Ride on the “Emotional” Side

The best and most scenic way to see the northern and southern terrain of Natal is to book one of the many Natal buggy tours that are found in the city. Dune buggy tours are very popular tourist activities in Natal, usually consisting of an all day multi-beach tour. The buggy trip provides a day of fun and excitement, so be sure to pack your stuff for a lot of activities and pleasure when you book an all day long Natal buggy tour.

Natal Buggy Tours

Natal is not just a popular tourist destination for its paradise-like beaches and friendly weather. In Brazil’s northeast region, sand dunes are a big attraction. These sandy hills not only add a unique feature to the city’s many secluded beaches and lagoons. They are, in fact, adventure attractions in themselves. If you want to discover what true excitement really means, book a tour in a dune buggy (pronounced boogie in Natal) to give you a roller coaster ride on the almost vertical slopes.

Natal Buggy Tours Rates

When we talk of Natal beaches and sand dunes, we are talking about hundreds of kilometers of coastline stretching from north to south. The fastest way to take in all of its beauty is to hire a buggy and driver and explore everything along the way. Prices of Natal buggy tours may vary but the average rate is around R$150 (US$75) for an all-day trip for four persons. Prices can go up to R$105.00 per person but everything is negotiable.

If your group is less than four, the tour operator may ask for R$38 (US$19) per head to make up a full group. You may want a buggy for yourself and you’ll be charged full rental. Your advantage is you can control the stop times and places where the buggy can go.

If you prefer, you can hire a buggy on your own but you’re only allowed to drive along the beach. You can only enter the sand dunes if you are accompanied by a licensed bugueiro (buggy driver). Because of the popularity of buggy rides, there are dozens of tour operators available.

Most operators conduct single and multi-day Natal buggy tours to Pipa beach to the south and trip along the north coast to Maracajaú. Some tours include a visit to the Atlantic rainforest and to Enseada do Madeiro where you can watch a school of dolphins.

Natal Buggy Tours: North Coastline



The traditional north coastline trip involves a ferry crossing on the Potengi River and continues to Genipabu where you can experience a unique camel ride or a speedy slide down the sand slopes on a board. You will afterwards be floated with the buggy across another stream on a small raft. You will then be taken to Jucumã beach where you can go swimming in lagoon or plunge into the waters via an aerobunda.

From the dunes of Geinipabu you’ll travel another 35 kilometers along flat sand to Maracajaú, where you’ll be treated to swimming and snorkelling in the natural pools of its coral reef formation. The tour is usually timed so your arrival coincides with low tide.

There will be one or two times times when the buggy need to be floated on small wooden rafts over inlets. On the trip back near the end of the Natal buggy tours, you will be taken to Genipabu to watch a magnificent sunset over the dunes.

Natal Buggy Tour: South Coastline

The traditional south coast tour is a 55 kilometer ride along sand and coastline to Pipa Beach. The buggy will pass through a number of beaches which include Búzios, Barra de Tabatinga, Barreta, and Tibau do Sul. A full day trip for about R$150 (US$75) per buggy will allow you several stops for photo shoots, refreshments, and other short activities, and still have time for Pipa. For a fuller experience in this beautiful former fishing community, stay in Pipa for a few days.

Natal buggy tours come with a licensed and experienced driver to ensure your safety. There are lots of bugueiro old-timers who have learned to speak good English over time.

1 Day Natal Buggy Tours

This all day dune buggy ride passes Natal’s most beautiful beaches like Redinha and Pitangui until it reaches Jacumã. On this tour, you’ll be brought to the world-famous dunes of Genipabu where you will have a wild and crazy buggy ride at breakneck speed across the dunes. At the start you will be asked whether you want a ride “with emotion or no emotion.” A ride “with emotion” includes those daredevil stunt driving.

The other highlights of this multi-beach tour include stopping by three lagoons formed by rainwater accumulation. Here you can swim, have drinks at the bar, and even go bum-skiing, which is a form of sand boarding down the slopes. The tour also include hotel pickup and drop-off and a professional tour guide. You will have to provide for your meals, drinks and other personal expenses. When joining Natal buggy tours, don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, swimwear, towel and sandals.


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