Natal Brazil Safety

Natal Brazil Safety – Tips for a safe visit

Natal Brazil Safety Natal Brazil Safety is a issue. While some parts of Brazil often make the headlines because of violent crimes, viagra buy rx Natal is considered a very safe city. In fact, drugstore it is claimed to be one of the safest in the entire country. The government invests largely on the security of visitors, fully aware that the abundance of crime can negatively affect the Brazil’s tourism industry. Natal, just like other major tourist destinations, cannot be totally immunized against criminal elements. Ponta Negra, with its many tourists and open establishments at night, is tempting to thieves. Pickpockets can victimize a tourist or two. Violent crimes, however, are rare. No city can be 100% safe but you can minimize your risk of being a victim by being aware of your environment as well as knowing the laws that govern Natal.

Natal Brazil Safety – Why Natal is a Safer Haven for Tourists

In the major cities in Brazil’s south, particularly Rio de Janeiro, drug syndicates and guj dealers dominate the crime scene and will resort to violence to retain their hold on a territory. A fallen or arrested drug lord or crime kingpin is immediately replaced by a younger and more aggressive toughie. In comparison, tlese types of crimes and criminals don’t exist in the city of Natal.

Natal Brazil safety is still a issue, If it happens at all, crime in Natal is committed by an individual or, on rare occasions, two individuals going against each other. Crime in the big cities are usually planned or premeditated, while crimes in Natal happen as a consequence. Poverty is usually the reason for a lot of Natal Brazil safety issues, committing crime in the big crowded cities. While there are poor people all over the country, the place where they live in can make a lot of difference. In the major cities, cheap food can be hard to come by. In contrast, the poor find the cost of food much lower in Natal and other northeast cities.

In worst cases, they can quell their hunger by eating inexpensive coconut and cuzcuz. Living space can also be a problem for the poor as they can be very expensive in southern cities like Rio or Sao Paolo. Rather than sleep in a cold alley, someone can commit a crime just to have a warm cozy bed to sleep in. Not so in Natal. The balmy tropical weather can make it possible for people to sleep in the beaches for free. The easy laid back lifestyle in Natal helps the youth stay away from a life of crime even if they are living in poverty. They get a lot of support – financial and moral – from closely-knit families and friends. Down south in Sao Paolo, youngsters grow up in a world of materialism and resort to a life of crime to obtain the cars, clothes, and gadgets they desire.

Prostitution & Natal Brazil Safety Tips

You are likely to cross paths with prostitutes – male, female, or transvestites – during your visit in Natal, especially if you indulge in the city nightlife. Natal and Rio Grande do Norte strictly disallow sexual tourism and discourage the proliferation of perverts and pedophiles in the city. While Brazil does not ban prostitution, it certainly does not encourage people to engage in it. In Brazil, anyone over the age of 18 may choose to enter prostitution. However, brothels that profit from the sex trade are illegal and people who acts as a prostitute’s pimp can be arrested. Prostitutes can work in a club as long as they are not forced to.

People under 18 who are caught working in the sex trade can be jailed for a serious crime. Natal Brazil safety has priority, and RGDN authorities are bent to enforce this law to make the city safe for tourist families. People involved in the tourist industry such as cab drivers, hotel workers, and waiters are made aware that prostitution can adversely affect Natal.

Natal Brazil Safety – Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

Alcohol and tobacco can be purchased and consumed in Natal but only by people over the age of 18. Pot, crack and other mind-altering drugs are illegal in Brazil. If you carry them for personal use, you can get slapped with a minor offense and can post bail to avoid jail time. However, if you are caught transporting drugs for distribution, then you’ll be charged with drug trafficking, a non-bailable crime that can send you straight to jail. While the authorities would rather chase heavy drug distributors, nothing can stop them from arresting you if you’re caught with a lighted joint inside your car after a random inspection. While Brazilians rarely get jailed after being caught with a few marijuana joints, it is best for you to keep away from drugs especially if you’re not familiar with the people and can’t speak Portuguese.

Wildlife Protection Laws

Brazil has very strict laws that protect their wildlife. You cannot own, sell or transport protected wildlife species such as monkeys, birds or turtles without a government permit. You also cannot buy wild animals from the natives that sell them.

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