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Natal Brazil Nightlife – Where to Spend a Fun Evening

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There are many fun and exciting activities that you can do in Natal, during the daylight hours – fun at the beaches, dune buggy riding, historical and cultural attractions, and many others.

At night, the city turns into one big party place which stays alive until after midnight. Natal is a great place to go out and have a good time. A typical Natal Brazil night, involves going to a nice bar, have a drink and enjoy some live music.

Largo do Atheneu is a good place to go for happy hour, there are lots of bars, beer halls, and other places, like Chopperia Petrópolis, a ( Adr.: Chopperia Petrópolis, Rua Seridó 511, Petrópolis (84 9147 1560). Open 5.30pm-1am Mon-Sat ) a traditional beer hall with live music shows, featuring samba-jazz, choro, and MPB. Ice Cold draught Brahma beer chopp is available. A great place with very good ambiente, where you can go with friends and have a beer or two.

For a great Natal Brazil nightlife, you can spend a fun evening at Ponta Negra which claims to be the center of the nightlife in the city. It is an area of restaurants, clubs, and discos that burst with night-time entertainment.

Ponta Negra is a popular tourist meeting place where they can get some good food, cold beer, clean air and feel closer to Brazilian culture. For male tourists, it is said to be the most popular place to meet Brazilian girls. Most of the establishments here remain open even after midnight, especially on weekends.

Popular Natal Brazil Nightlife Venues


Ponta Negra

One of the prime Natal Brazil nightlife locations is found at the Alto de Ponta Negra which is on high ground above Ponta Negra. It is a nice place to have a pleasant stroll if you are not inside of its numerous bars, discos, cafes, restaurants and knickknack shops. Casa de Taipa is popular for its tapioca and 40 various types of fillings, as well as ice cream and coffee. The place is open until midnight. If you ever been to Rio de Janeiro, then you know Copacabana and Ipanema, Ponta Negra is very similar in this context. In general, it is safe to visit bars and discos

Praia da Pipa

In Praia da Pipa, you can go and have a drink in a pub to warm up for a late party. At around midnight, the place is bustling with parties everywhere, from clubs to hotels. These Natal Brazil nightlife parties can go on way until past 3 AM.

Forró com Turista

Most likely, you may find yourself in a party where the only dance is forró, a type fast simple two-step where partners dance close. Forró is perhaps the northeastern Brazilians’ (including Natal) most popular traditional dance. Unlike very popular dances like the lambada that became a big hit then was gone, forró has been around for decades and is still getting more popular. You can get introduced to the dance at Forró com Turista at the Tourism Center courtyard where shows and dances take place every Thursday at 10 PM. Don’t get worried if you don’t know any dance steps. Someone will always be on hand to teach you how.

Cervejaria Via Costeira

This brewhouse is big and wide, with a sumptuous cold cut buffet and cold beer on tap. The crowd is made up of an outgoing mix of Brazilians and foreign tourists. Customers say it is the best bar for couples.

Salsa Bar

This is one of the best dance places in Alto de Ponta Negra, boasting an open air dance floor where up to 30 locals and tourists can show off their dance moves from 7 PM to 2 PM. Apart from the many types of cocktails, the house also serves fantastic crepes and other small snacks.

Taverna Pub

This bar in the basement of a castle-motif youth hostel is not exactly a first-class pub due to its bad acoustics and cramped space. However, it constantly draws in the 20- to 30-year-old age group who can’t get enough of the DJs and local bands who play live every night. The pub stays open until 4 AM.

Zás Trás

Zás Trás are traditional folkloric shows with dance music on stage. The shows vary but they mostly feature Afro-Brazilian, capoeira, and samba that demonstrate Brazilian culture.

Teatro Alberto Maranhão

If you are after the best in Natal’s art and cultural presentation, then nothing can beat the city’s foremost concert stage and theater. Ask your hotel if there is a play or opera that’s currently playing at the historic Alberto Maranhao Theater venue.

Staying Safe at Night

Natal has been called one of the safest places for tourists in Brazil. This was a few years ago. While that may still be true today, it doesn’t mean that you have to cast all your caution to the wind. Let’s face it, things and situations that were true about Natal years ago could have changed a bit today, especially with the influx of more tourists, new technology, and even new designer drugs to the city. We are not saying that that Natal today is crime-ridden. In fact, it’s far from that.

What we are saying is you still need to adapt some security measures to make yourself safe on the streets at night, especially if you’re a tourist. For instance, Ponta Negra has gotten more crowded with local and foreign visitors and, thus, can be targeted by thieves and pickpockets. Be sure to leave your valuable in your hotel especially if you expect to be drunk at a party. And please, please avoid walking in dark alleys by yourself.

Don’t worry about Natal Brazil nightlife, though. Violent assaults against tourists are very rare in Natal. The city’s lifeblood is tourism and it will make doubly sure that all security measures are in place to ensure the safety of its visitors.

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