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Natal Brazil Fishing: The Best Game Fishing Spots


Natal Brazil Fishing offers one of the best angling paradises for both amateur and seasoned sports fishermen. Whether it’s freshwater or saltwater fishing you prefer,  there is a wide range of options for unparalleled outdoor adventure waiting for you in Natal,  Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil’s northeast region.

If casting a line is your pleasure,  then you’ll want to know more about the best fishing spots in Natal and what fishes they offer for sport. You won’t forget the day you struggle to reel in that 150 kilogram tarpon at the end of your fishing rod. You will swear that a day of sport fishing in Natal’s Atlantic ocean waters is far from boring!

Natal Brazil Fishing Charters

There are numerous types of fishing charter packages for you to choose from. If you want to experience fishing for the first time enclosed in Natal’s natural beauty, then book a morning or afternoon trip with a professional guide to give you expert assistance. You may prefer a conventional boat excursion or you may want to get into the water yourself to do some fly fishing.

If you’re a die-hard fishing enthusiast, then there are other options that you can take. If you are planning to devote your entire Natal vacation to fishing, then you should charter a multi-day expedition that will take you to various fishing grounds where you’ll be exposed to even more fish varieties.

Natal Brazil Fishing offers plenty of options as to where you would like to go fishing in the region. Some visitors will choose according to the tour company or the price, while others will want to fish at a certain area. Two of the most popular fishing spots in Natal are Canto Fundo and Lagoa das Guarairas.

Best Natal Brazil Fishing Spots

Located 30 kilometers from the coast of Natal, Canto Fundo is one of the several high sea fishing spots destinations most favoured by sports fishermen. The seabed in this area abruptly plunges from 50 to 70 meters to over a kilometer deep. Canto Fundo has strong sea current with varying temperatures, and is a rich feeding ground to many aquatic species that inhabit the area.

There are other great fishing spots in Natal for anglers who prefer shorter fishing trips and want to stay closer to the shore. Praia da Pipa, for one, offers an amazing coastline and calm waters for bathing. Located 80 kilometers south of Natal, Pipa is known for its tall cliffs, excellent beach and natural pools and lagoons. Fresh water fishing is popular in areas like Lagoa das Guarairas, a large naturally-formed lagoon whose waters connect to the Atlantic and nearby Tibau do Sul, a short 10-minute drive from Pipa.



Natal Brazil Fishing Tours

Whatever type of sports fishing adventure you choose, you are sure to find fishing tours in Natal that are managed by English-speaking operators. The big and feisty game fishes of the Atlantic attract a lot of sports anglers and charters can fill quickly, so you need to make your reservation in advance. Whether you book a traditional houseboat tour or the multi-day luxury boat for fishing and leisure, you will find a lot of fishing tour packages that will fit your budget.

Once you have decided where to go fishing in Natal Brazil, you’ll probably want to know the types of game fishes involved. One of the most popular game fishes in Natal is the blue marlin, the largest of the Atlantic marlins. If wrestling with this more than three meter long, 1000 kilogram creature doesn’t give you an adrenaline rush, you’re probably dead. Considered to be a ferocious fighter, pulling this beast out of the water will surely be an unforgettable day for you.

Many fishing tours in Natal specialize in big game fishing and they include everything from meals to accommodation for the duration of your fishing expedition. You won’t remain clueless about the local fishing rules as you will be accompanied by experienced guides. They will also make an itinerary that’s designed just for you.

Natal Brazil Fishing Methods

There are Natal Brazil Fishing charter boats that offer various fishing methods you can use. One is known as trolling or currican, unquestionably one of the most used techniques in game fishing. Trolling close to shore can catch barracuda, mackerel and sierra. Trolling several miles away from shore can reel in king fish, yellowfin, wahoo, sailfish, white marlin and blue marlin. Other methods such as vertical jigging can catch tuna, shark, grouper, snapper, bull’s eye, dorado and shark. The effectiveness of each method depends on the time of year and weather condition.

Natal Brazil Fishing charters organize daily trips for fresh water fishing for up to three persons. There are also sports fishing trips in high seas for up to eight persons. The packages include fishing tackle, baits, sandwiches, fruits and beverages. The fishing vessel comes with 2 crewmen, a secure rest area on deck, comfortable internal cabin, and toilet. Be sure to hire an operator who has a Natal fishing licence.



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