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Natal Brazil  Attractions and Entertainment are not limited to the city’s world-famous beaches alone. Natal abounds in fun and entertaining places as well. Below are just a few of the interesting places you must include in your visit to this wonderful city.

World’s Largest Cashew Tree

Pirangi do Norte in Natal is made famous by its cashew tree that is the largest in the world. The tree is about one hundred years old and still bears thousands of fruits each year. According to the Guinness Book of World Records,  the tree covers an area of 8, 400 square meters, bigger and wider than a football tree.

Due to a genetic mutation, the tree doesn’t grow upward but sideward. When a side-growing branch touches the ground, a new off-shoot develops with growing roots.

Farol da Mãe Luíza

Built in 1951, this 121-foot high lighthouse is perched high on the sand dunes of Areia Preta Beach at the entry point of Via Costeira. It is named after a beloved local midwife and is still used to orient ships in the coastal waters of Natal Rio Grande do Norte Brazil. Visitors can climb its 150-step spiral staircase to reach the top.

Parque de Dunas (Park of Dunes) and Praia de Dunas de Genipabu

Natal is also referred to as the City of Dunes. One favorite sand dune attraction is Parque de Dunas or Park of Dunes which dissects the east and south parts of Natal. This 11.7 million square meter nature reserve is 8 kilometers wide and nearly 2 kilometers wide.

Farther out is Praia de Dunas de Genipabu, another must-see sand dune park. It is a combination of beach, sand dunes and a freshwater lagoon. One attraction here is a camel ride to take you around the park.

Both Parque de Dunas and Genipabu offer dune buggy rides that include plunges into the cool lagoon and daredevil driving. You can instruct the buggy driver to make your ride wild and exciting (com emoção) or more relaxed (sem emoção). They also offer sandboarding where you can slide down the sand dune.

Newton Navarro Bridge

The 100-meter high Newton Navarro Bridge is one of the tallest bridges in Brazil. It spans the Potengi River in the north and east parts of Natal and offers a magnificent view of the sunset. This 1.8 kilometer long bridge has become a popular attraction because of its enormous size.

Fun Events in Natal Rio Grande do Norte Brazil

Natal is also known for its popular seasonal events. Carnatal, the largest off-season carnival in the city, is held every first week of December. This carnival doesn’t have the glamor and extravaganza of carnivals in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, but is more laid back and less raucous like those in Recife and Salvador.

After Carnatal, the Festival do Camarão immediately follows. This festival features art mixed with culinary delights. The Festas Junina occurs in July in numerous cities all over Rio Grande do Norte. Highlighted by the lighting of many bonfires. it is said to be the equivalent of the Midsummer Day festival held in several European cities.

Nightlife in Natal Rio Grande do Norte Brazil

Natal offers after-hours entertainment and nightlife scenes for visitors who love to party. There are nightclubs, dance arenas, party places for people under 21 years and over. The lively Ponta Negra district is well known for its clubs and other entertainment establishments where you can drink, dine and dance to your heart’s content.

Guinza Blue at Rua Ana Porto 4 should be included in your club-hopping itinerary if you want to experience live music every night, out-of-this-world dining, and Friday night dancing under a disco ball to the tune of retro music. Whether you’re going solo or with a large group, you’ll enjoy the combos of temaki and makimonos served at its sushi bar. The cigar lounge serves several kinds of espresso as well as Cuban cigars. This handicapped-friendly establishment serve lunch and dinner daily except on Monday. Cover charge costs R$ 20.

Alto de Ponta Negra on the upper part of Ponta Negra veers away from the cheap beachside after-dark establishments and offers numerous dining places and nightclubs. Clubs packed with tourists and local visitors are open until dawn during the weekend. The area is dense with bars where prostitutes also hang out, a big problem in Natal.

Decky offers an assortment of Brazil’s best microbrews and features nightly live jazz, blues, and rock starting at 8 PM. You can relax with a cold drink on the windy patio or settle down for a great dinner at its air-conditioned main room. It claims to be the most popular after-hours place in Ponta Negra that is frequented by various age groups.

Sgt. Pepper’s Rock Bar is known for serving terrific burgers and fun. It has a branch in downtown Natal and in Ponta Negra. This bar restaurant has concocted a drink called North-east Caipirinha which has become a customer favorite in Natal Rio Grande do Norte Brazil . It plays blues, pop, and rock music.

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