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Lagoa de Pitangui Natal – Nice Day Trip from Natal


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Pitangui Beach is a quiet fishing spot accented by a beach with crystal clear water with plenty of coconut and palm trees. This place has attracted both local and foreign visitors who ended up vacationing or residing here for good. The beach is nearly self-sufficient, having numerous dining places that serve good food to keep the tourists well fed that it’s not necessary to go far.

Pitangui Beach is one of those places that are included in tours because of the magnificent dunes and exotic lagoons to be found here. The Lagoa de Pitangui Natal,  the large lagoon that draws in a lot of tourists, has pristine calm waters for swimmers and for those who enjoy kayaking and paddle boating. There is also a boat tour included as well as dining in a restaurant at the lake.

Touring the Beaches by Ferry

If you board a ferry raft coming from Genipabu beach, you will float across the Ceará-Mirim river until you reach the beaches of Pitangui, Barra do Rio and Grassandú. Like many of the popular beaches in Natal, they are bordered by sand dunes which has a huge lagoon and a waterfall. There are less visitors in these places since they are much farther away from Natal. However, to spend the day with a trip with family is truly worth the trip.

Getting to Lagoa de Pitangui Natal by Buggy

Many tourists reach Genipabu and Pitangui beaches by taking a dune buggy and driving along the coast. Many tourist agencies offer this type of tour. Your hotel is likely to have more information about this.

Lagoa de Pitangui Natal (Pitangui Lagoon) can be reached through coastal dunes by buggies or through a path that is accessible from the road going south to Pitangui Beach. This trail is part of the several buggy stops during the tour of the dunes here.

The buggy tour will take you to Pitangui Lagoon, a wide lagoon that is entirely bordered by sand. The lagoon is blessed with crystalline clear water and a sandy beach where you can have a drink after a hot drive on the dunes.

Lagoon Attractions

The lagoon is impressively wide with a total area of more than 100,000 square meters. While it is 5 meters at its deepest point at the center, the lagoon is shallow along its edges and safe enough for children and handicapped swimmers. All in all, this spot of shallow sweet water is a perfect destination for the entire family.

A trip to Lagoa de Pitangui Natal will allow you to do and see something different. The shallow edge of the lagoon will enable you to snorkel and swim among a school of small fishes. You can tour the lagoon on pedal boats, go kayaking, or try the tirolesa at the lake. This thrill ride involves crossing the entirety of the lagoon from up in the air, while you are suspended on a zip line.

The dune area surrounding the lagoon has many facilities that include restaurants that serve tropical dishes of meats, fish and specialty seafoods. There are also bars where you can have a drink and some tasty snack in a relaxing place. Lagoa de Pitangui Natal also has well-appointed facilities for wedding receptions, parties, and any type of special occasions.

Like most of the beach names in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, The name “Pitangui” is derived from the Tupi Indian language which translates to “Pitanga”, a variety of fruit. Pitangui Beach is dotted with very many fishing boats owned by local residents. It is conducive to the fishing industry as the waters are calm and winds are gentle. Add to this a thick grove of coconut palms swaying on one end of the beach and you have a wonderful picture of a rustic location that is ideal for a vacation getaway.

Restaurants near Lagoa de Pitangui Natal

If you are more on sampling the different culinary styles of Natal, you will find several restaurants in and around Lagoa de Pitangui Natal that will surely satisfy your food craving.

Cozinha Capixaba is located in Natal and it specializes in Brazilian cuisine. The restaurant is known for serving special dishes during Christmas day which, incidentally, coincides with the founding of Natal, hence the name which means “Christmas” in Portuguese. The house specialty is moqueca.

Nagrau is your destination if you crave for Brazilian pastries.

Tá Massa is an Italian restaurant near Lagoa de Pitangui Natal that serve pasta, pizzas, and Mediterranean favorites.

Rancho da Pipa is a Brazilian restaurant that specializes in mouth-watering steaks and other meat dishes.

Bar da Lagoa, while not exactly a restaurant, is a bar worth mentioning for its uniqueness. Its tables and chairs are partially submerged in the lagoon. You can sit there with your feet in the water where small fishes are swimming, enjoy a delicious appetizer which you wash down with a cold drink. What a way to end a fun-filled day in Lagoa de Pitangui Natal!


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