How do people dress in brazil

Whether you are just visiting or have decided to make Brazil your home for good, you will want to how Brazilians dress so you can blend in easily with the people. When packing your clothes, expect climate as well as cultural differences across the country’s various regions. You will notice that the chic casual style of clothing generally worn by Brazilian urbanites shifts to the more conservative fashion style of the country’s inward regions.


how do people dress in brazil

One unchanging rule when it comes to Brazilian-style dressing is to constantly have a neat appearance, which includes hair and shoes. If you will be coming from the northern part of the globe, bear in mind that the climates are the other way around in South America. When you have winter ( Dec-March) in New York or Berlin, you have summer in Brazil.


How Do People Dress in Brazil – Brazilian Fashion

Brazilians love clothing that burst with lovely bright colors and attires that display attractive cuts and patterns. The fashion usually places a lot of emphasis on appropriate accessories as well. While the overall trend leans towards unisex apparels, Brazilian fashion is dictated by the region you’re in.

Residents in Rio greatly favor casual clothing. People in places like Sao Paolo have eccentric ways of dressing up. In the northern part of the country, trousers are not a part of women’s fashion. Shorts and stylish tops are the general favorites.

The general population in many places in Brazil, including senior citizens, prefer to wear smart looking attire. You can usually spot several elderly women walking in miniskirts. Nice sandals that go along with their dresses are typically worn by most Brazilian women. Young Brazilian women love to wear figure-hugging jeans and tops.

There is no place for soft or dull colors in the Brazilian fashion circle. T-shirts with western designs, logos and phrases are well-accepted. Since Brazil is a country of long sandy beaches, beachwear has become one of the popular attires. Wearing scanty clothing is acceptable in beaches everywhere in the country.

how do people dress in brazil


Various Influences in Brazilian Fashion

A major part of traditional Brazilian fashion has been hugely influenced by the various races and immigrants from different countries that have melded seamlessly with native culture. How do people dress in Brazil’s southern areas, which are populated by a mixture of Italian, Russian and German immigrants. Immigrants from Portugal, Africa and England make up a large part of Rio de Janeiro. In Brazil’s Bahia region, a major influence is African culture which can be seen in their Bordado Richelieu traditional attire.

Because Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide for its wonderful beaches, most of its residents prefer to wear beach-styled clothing which include Bermuda shorts and sunglasses.

Brazil’s deeply-rooted Portuguese heritage likewise heavily influenced the way that modern Brazilian men and women dress up. They dress well and in an polished manner, making sure that they always look fashionable wherever they go, and expecting that others will dress in like manner as well.


What Kind of Clothing Do They Wear in Brazil?

Fashion in Brazil is often synonymous with vibrant colors. The clothes are commonly designed with a wide variety of printed and floral patterns. Likewise, Brazilian beach attire have become a popular fashion trend in many countries around the world.

Modern clothing becomes the preferred attire when you live in most of the Brazilian cities, especially the major ones. T-shirts and jeans are very popular among young men, while dresses and short skirts are the favorites among women. Jeans are the most widely used clothing apparel in Brazil, and come in various styles, designs and textures. Women’s jeans fit snugly and taper loosely at the feet. Beachwear is understandably very popular as Brazil has a large number of amazing beaches.
Dressing for Business in Brazil

Business attire in Brazil is no different from those in the United States. Dressing for business usually involve wearing dark-colored suits and ties that project a serious and respectable image. Bright or fancily-designed ties are looked down upon. The suits style is a usual indication of a man’s position in the corporate ladder. Dark and conservative three-piece suits are usually worn by executives while regular office employees wear two-piece attires.

Business attires are always complemented by dark and shiny shoes. Women in the corporate arena wear no-nonsense yet tasteful attires like simple dresses and pantsuits for ladies. Apart from wearing stylish feminine dresses or suits, women should complement their attire with low-key yet good quality accessories. Pantyhose are discretionary.
Casual Clothing

Casual clothing for Brazilian men usually means wearing short sleeved shirts and khakis made of light materials like linen or cotton. They can also go for lengthier shorts.

Women normally wear form-fitting jeans that are embellished with sequins or beads and worn with T-shirts or halters. Khakis, smock-style dresses, and skirts with hems that ride just above the knee are considered fashionable as well. Heeled shoes and sandals are the footwear of choice in Brazil.

When they’re on the beach, most Brazilian women put on skimpy bikinis, including thongs, that show more skin. Men wear Speedo-inspired swimwear as well as those recently popular square-cut designs patterned after boxer shorts.


Clothing for Brazilian Men

how do people dress in brazil

Designer denim jeans are very popular among Brazilian men, although khakis and pants made of light fabrics also suit them fine. The men go for trousers that are comfortable and of the right fit, not too close-fitting nor too loose.

Men’s swimwear in Brazil are uniquely designed and go perfectly with well-proportioned male physique. They are made in a way that shows off a great portion of the wearer’s torso.


What Clothes to Pack on Your Brazilian Vacation

Your choice of clothing is influenced by the location you want to visit in Brazil. Whether you are visiting the city, beaches, business districts, clubs, mountain regions, or restaurants, you will need the appropriate attire to feel comfortable and to blend well with the crowd.

Warm weather clothing. Most of the clothing you’ll need in Rio or the beach areas during spring, summer, or fall will be casual warm weather attires. Brazilian climate is like Houston or southern Florida ( think of Miami )  in the summer months – tolerably warm and humid. Therefore, T-shirts, jeans, shorts and sports shirts will do just fine.

Cold weather clothing. Winter nights can be fairly cold so you will want to pack a jacket or light sweater if you are easily affected by the temperature. If you plan to do some side trips to the mountains in Petropolis, be aware that the temperature is constantly cool all year round.

Low-profile dressing. If you are from the States or another country, it’s best to dress casually and project a low-profile. You don’t want to project yourself as a rich tourist and can invite undue attention. Pay careful attention to your attire, especially if you love to wear brands and T-shirts with messages, as some writings can be offensive to others.

Social attires. If you plan to check out the popular restaurants, clubs and other night spots, you should pack some slacks, sport coat and dress shoes. Whether performed inside or outside, Samba-style dancing can be hot, so you will want to stick to comfortable T-shirts and shorts. Most bars and dining places allow customers in shorts and flip-flops in many major tourist areas.

Formal attires. Only wear a suit and tie if you are attending weddings or business occasions. Don’t overdress yourself in this type of attire especially during the day to prevent discomfort. You don’t have to dress extravagantly if the occasion doesn’t call for it. You don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb in the crowd.

Footwear. Break in your good sports or walking shoes before packing them. Bring your dress shoes if you plan to go dancing and clubbing. Don’t forget that your footwear can mark you as an American tourist or a rich person and attract unneeded attention. It would be smarter and more comfortable to wear your older $50 cross trainers than your new $150 Nikes just to go around town. Wear beach sandals on the beach to protect your feet from the warm sand during the day.

how do people dress in brazil - brazil fashion

Shop for beachwear in Brazil. Don’t bring in a lot of expensive beachwear into the country. Shop for beachwear in Brazil instead. They are high quality, stylishly designed and cheap if you keep out of the main tourist shopping centers. A similar beachwear that you bought in the U.S. can only cost about a third of its price or even less. It could even have been manufactured in Brazil.

Fashion no-no’s in Brazil. Brazilians will not be seen wearing certain types of clothing, including those made of polyester and double-knit materials. While sandals may look nice on ladies’ feet, flip-flops are not tolerated inside office buildings in Brazil. Heavy facial makeup do not go well with the climate and should be worn only on occasion. Body piercings are not considered a fashion trend in Brazil.




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