Genipabu Beach and Dunes Natal Brazil

 dromedar-ride-Genipabu Genipabu Beach and Dunes is one of the key attractions in Extremoz, sovaldi sale the first city to the north of Natal in Rio Grande do Norte. Being so close enough to Natal makes it so easy to visit. This great tourist destination has first-class hotels, see affordable lodgings, superb dining places, beach tents, rafts, as well as sand adventure tours. Be prepared for a day of fun and excitement, as well as memorable visual treat, when you arrive at the dunes of Genipabu.

Local and foreign tourists flock to this amazing spot especially during the summer for various reasons – the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic lapping the beautiful beach, the tall palm trees swaying lazily in the breeze, the calm waves, the natural fresh water lagoon, the exotic cuisine, and the breathtaking scenery.

However, the one big reason the place is so popular is its vast, towering and constantly changing sand dunes. The dunes of Genipabu are constantly shifting. This is due to the strong winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rio Grande do Norte coastline which moves the sand in every direction, thus shaping and reshaping the landscape. What makes these dunes so exciting then? They are the fun and exciting activities that’s waiting for you in this nearly endless stretch of sand. Upon your arrival be sure to have a nice meal and an amazing view at Restaurante 21, one of Genipabu’s best. Believe us when we say that you’ll need a lot of energy for the adventure and thrill ahead. There are a lot of fun activities that you can do in Genipabu Beach and Dunes but the ones that are most popular with tourists are sandboarding (esquibunda), wild dune buggy ride and the camel ride.

Sandboarding (Esquibunda) in Genipabu Beach and Dunes

Directly next to the restaurant is a place where you can hire a board that’s similar to the one used in snowboarding. In this case, the board will be used in a sport that is played in the dunes of Genipabu surrounding the lake. It is locally known as “esquibunda” or sandboarding where you slide down the high dunes on a wooden board. After a few practice slides, ride your board and speed down the sandy slope to plunge in the waters below.

Wild Buggy Rides in Sand Dunes




You can slide down the sand dunes all day long, or you can raise your excitement level by taking a wild ride on a dune buggy. Genipabu Beach and Dunes gained popularity because of these dune adventures where experienced buggy drivers (bugueiros) take tourists for a thrilling roller coaster ride around the wavy dunes. The adventure begins after you have picked your dune buggy and driver from among the hundreds available there. The ride normally costs around R$300 or more depending on how long you are renting the buggy and driver. The driver will then ask you if you want your ride “with or without emotion”. If you want your ride “with emotion”, the driver will bring you up a very high sand hill and give you a wild ride down. The driver can drive as wild as safety will allow. This can include driving at breakneck speed, tight curves and some jumps, all of which will make you think that you’re not going to survive the ride. Or you can choose to ask our driver to drive slowly (“without emotion”). This driving mode will give you a more relaxing ride and give you more time to take in the marvellous view of the beach and dunes. The Tourist Board allow only certified bugueiros to drive in the dunes. Be sure that your driver is professionally licensed to ensure maximum safety in your dune buggy ride

Camel Ride in Genipabu Beach and Dunes

Genipabu Beach and Dunes camels

Dromedary ride
Credit: Alexandre Machado

A unique adventure in Genipabu is to ride on the back of a dromedary camels to travel around the dunes. The camels were brought in to Natal from Africa in 2000 by Phillipe Landry, a Swiss who speaks fluent Portuguese. The dromedaries were able to adapt to the Genipabu climate which has more moisture than the African desert, and were able to be domestically bred successfully. Dromedary rides are less stressful than a dune buggy ride. Being high atop a tall camel gives you a more spectacular view of the ocean, beach and the dunes of Genipabu. You will surely want to be photographed riding a dromedary, probably wearing a turban for added effect. A 15-minute ride costs about $15.


Cooling Down

After your sand dune rides, you can also go to the fixed dunes where you’ll have a beautiful view of the natural lagoon, and the beaches of Genipabu, Pitangui, and Gracandu. You can visit the lagoon and get some food and drinks at the bar or take a cool dip in the clear blue waters. When you’re in Natal, be sure to include the Genipabu Beach and Dunes on your travel itinerary. You’ll experience the best sights and unique rides that you’ll never see anywhere else in the world.

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