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Brazilian Fashion – What do People Wear in Brazil?


If,  as they say, clothes make a man, then Brazilian fashion has a lot to say about the country and its people. It conveys the mind-sets of the people and paints a picture of what Brazil wants to project to the world.

Brazilian people are very much aware of fashion and know what appeals to them. Even if a new line of clothing is the latest fad in other countries, it may not sell so well in Brazil if the residents don’t find it appealing. In Brazilian fashion, it is not all about trends but more on the individual’s sense of style.

Influences on Brazilian Fashion

One of the biggest factors that determine fashion in Brazil are media and movie celebrities. Soap operas called “novelas” which air for about six months are produced by Brazilian television networks

These novelas are often a hit with TV viewers, especially those that belong to the middle and lower classes. The wardrobe worn by the actors are what people are watching out for. The networks will often keep a line open for callers who inquire about the wardrobe and where they are sold. For those who can’t afford the budget to buy the originals, low quality knock-offs and fake copies are sold in stores at a lesser price.

Pretty much like other places in the planet, people get Brazilian fashion ideas from film and media celebrities. They keep an eye on foreign celebrities as well. Media can sometimes endorse a new type of fashion, hence, stores and clothes designers strive hard to be the center of press attention.

The Brazilian people’s fixation to show skin has a heavy impact on fashion and clothing. You will notice that their clothing tend to expose more of their bodies. Brazilians take pride in their bodies and will even go to extremes to keep them attractive and in good shape. Many plastic surgeons are making big business in Brazil and Rio is one of the major world cities with the most number of fitness clubs and spas.

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What Do People Wear in Brazil?

Brazilians generally wear casual and comfortable clothing. Men tend to get involved as much as women in Brazilian fashion. In fact, men are fussier than women when it comes to footwear. Their flip flops are mostly Havaianas. They also like to wear comfortable yet classy dress shoes. For casual wear, they prefer slacks and shirts that are common to most men everywhere. Clothes of lightweight material like cotton are worn during warm weather.

In Brazilian fashion, jeans are a basic part of women’s clothing. They like their jeans to have a tight fit and which tapers down at the bottom. These jeans have nice designs on the lower legs as well as sequins. More and more women are also wearing low rise jeans.

Regardless of what shape they’re in, Brazilian women are proud of their bodies and are willing to expose more of it. They like wearing halter tops that are daring yet tasteful. They generally wear their dresses and skirts with hemlines cut above the knee. This holds true for both older and younger generation of females.

brazil fashion wear


Brazilians do not attempt to conceal their bodies behind clothes. On the beach, women will often be seen in bikinis with a shirt or piece of sarong for cover to be used only when necessary. As a rule, clothing should be snug enough to hug the body, not loose-fitting or baggy.

Brazilian Fashion: Dressing for Business

While they can be fun and carefree in their casual attires, they can also be prim and proper in their business wardrobe. Men would normally be in dark-colored conservative suits, particularly if they are in the executive or managerial level.

In a business environment, women are expected to wear suits or stylish dresses that accentuate their femininity. Nicely manicured hands are a requirement. Brazilians are more interested in a person’s overall appearance and not in a particular piece of clothing or make-up.

The local residents have specific preferences when it comes to Brazilian fashion. They know what looks good on them and will prefer clothing that’s comfortable and fashionable. Special occasions are times to dress elegantly and anything casual will be frowned upon. Some public places will not allow individuals in flip flops or sneakers to enter. Jeans with tears (intentional or not) are also considered improper.

More than half of Brazil’s population are people under thirty, which can influence the design for youth apparel. However, there are a lot of people from different generations picking the same style of clothing. After all, many middle-aged and senior citizens still prefer to keep up with the younger generation when it comes to Brazilian fashion.

Brazilian people are cultured when it comes to clothing. They understand Brazilian fashion which is why they go for quality and style. The type of clothes they prefer to wear tells a lot about themselves, how they appreciate their body and how they perceive life as a whole.


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