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Brazil Travel Guide Book – Best 7 Books You Must Read Before You Leave


Brazil Travel Guide Book -When traveling to a foreign country like Brazil, you need to be armed beforehand with knowledge to make you aware of its various destinations, accommodations, culture, history, etiquette and other important information. The 7 selected Brazil Travel Guide books below about Brazil will, after you’ve studied it well, enable you to learn a wide range of topics about the country like you’re a local resident.

Brazil Travel Guide Book – You Must Read

Brazilian Portuguese: Lonely Planet Phrasebook . This informative and useful Brazil travel phrasebook comes with a two-way dictionary, quick sentence builder and is packed with tips for grammar and pronunciation. You’ll also find lots of cultural information and communication guidelines.

  • It is a small Brazil travel book packed full of pertinent information. Its goal is to get you up and around in no time. Its small size makes it easy for you to take it anywhere which means you get more time to read it.
  • It breaks the Portuguese language into basic easier-to-understand concepts to make you learn the language faster.
  • The two-way dictionary that’s included is more than abundant.
  • There’s a section for phrases to help you find accommodation, help in emergencies, and basic social phrases.

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Brazil This complete Brazil travel guide comes with street level maps of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, 3D top down views of areas which can be travelled on foot. Detailed reconstruction of important sights, floor plans, and informative cutaway drawings. Included are guides to the best accommodations, dining places, entertainment, and shops for all types of budgets. Local information finder and insider guidelines will help you get familiar with each area of Brazil – from the towering Iguazu Falls to the thick canopy of the Amazon rain forest, to far-flung villages, historical towns, city attractions and exotic beaches. This Brazil travel guide will also provide relevant information on getting around by car, bus or train. Fodor’s Brazil 2014: (Brazil Travel Guide)  Brazil will be host to two huge international events – the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. Both these headline-grabbing sports events will make Brazil one of the biggest travel destinations in the very near future. Fodor’s Brazil 2014 will cover the most relevant information about this country, plus an extensive special section on the FIFA World Cup 2014. The new 2014 Brazil travel guide edition will provide detailed insider information on nightlife, customs, beaches, wildlife, art, culture, places, history, and everything else you need to know about Brazil. It can help you with travel planning, with features that include itineraries, when to go and things to do. It will provide valuable information as to where to go, best places to dine, sightseeing cruises, luxury and budget hotels in some of the country’s major cities. Lonely Planet Brazil (Country Travel Guide) Know more about your destination with this informative Lonely Planet travel book about Brazil. It doesn’t matter if you are exploring the dark rainforest of the Amazon, getting a tan on Natal’s exotic beaches, or heading for a night of partying in Rio de Janeiro. This eight edition Brazil travel guide will be your indispensable source of information in Brazil. This fully updated Brazil travel guide is written by experts who really dig in deep in every place they visit. It is chock-full of honest, relevant and accurate tips and guidelines to help you gain a more enjoyable experience on your trip to this country. This guidebook also includes:

  • A chapter on carnivals and party planner
  • A special index that offers viable choices for an eco-friendly trip
  • A special itinerary section for when you want to visit Iguazu falls, the Amazon, and other amazing sights.

Eat Smart in Brazil This book was written in praise of Brazilian cooking. It is full of historical insights on where and how Brazilian foods originated, a broad section on regional dishes, plus recipes. This Brazil travel guide book comes with a bilingual aid which makes it so easy to navigate menu and market. Eat Smart also features:

  • A tour to different Brazilian kitchens to see how each regional cooking styles vary.
  • Tips and advices on how to be a smart shopper in the country’s supermarkets and outdoor markets.
  • Quick Brazilian phrases that can help you in shops, hotels, restaurants, and other places.
  • A detailed glossary of cooking methods, kitchen utensils, and ingredients in Portuguese.

Brazil – Culture Smart! Culture Smart! Is your indispensable Brazil travel guide to the country’s customs and culture. It contains important information about Brazil’s belief, behavior and attitudes. This will ensure that you will arrive in Brazil armed with the knowledge of essential social manners, proper behavior and touchy issues. This compact guide will provide advice on what to expect, how to express courtesy, and how to build rapport with anyone you meet. Insider guidelines will enable you to sidestep embarrassing mistakes, establish friendship, build trust, create positive business relationships and develop confidence in unfamiliar circumstance. Frommer’s Brazil This Brazil travel guide contains easy-to-read maps all throughout. It provides accurate facts on directions, opening hours, item prices and other useful information. It comes with unbiased and honest reviews of hotels, tourist spots, dining places, shops, and nightlife. It is a useful resource for walking tours, travel itinerary, and tips on planning your trip. Check out the insider tips that were written by experienced local authors.

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