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Brazil Coffee Brands – Which are the best?

Brazil Coffee Brands are passionate about making the best Coffee. Brazil can be counted upon as one of the largest producers of coffee in the world today, controlling more than 30% of the international production. 

Brazil Coffee Companies are famous in the  world. The coffee plant, originally from Etiopia, was first brought to Brazil by some French settlers. From the North of Brazil, the coffee fields started to spread along the country, concentrating in the areas along the shore.

From 1820, coffee began to occupy the position of the most exported products from Brazil and by 1840; Brazil became the largest coffee exporter of the world. The Brazilian climate conditions seem to have been made for the plantation of the grain. The largest buyers of the Brazilian coffee worldwide today are: Germany, United States, Italy, Japan and Belgium. Brazil is not only the biggest exporter of coffee worldwide, but it’s also one of the largest consumers.


Source: Coffee Cultivation: Brazil Coffee Brands

Brazil provides the rich soil and the hot humid climate that coffee plants thrive in. The low altitude fields of Brazil helps produce both arabica and robusta beans, but the crop is primarily arabica, mostly dry-processed. Towards the northern part of Brazil, where the terrain is flatter and the climate is hotter, shaded from the more direct rays of the sun, is where the robusta is grown.

Robusta beans are used in instant coffees and are generally considered to be of lower quality. Robusta makes up about 20% of Brazil’s annual crop. The best arabica which is considered as higher grade of Brazilian coffee is grown in the higher terrains of south of Brazil. Around eighty percent of that coffee is Arabica. Brazilian coffee trees flower about three times a year and are harvested shortly thereafter. Then the coffee beans are sorted from high quality to lesser quality for better blends to mass-produce.


Because of many large commercial companies that sell and market Brazilian coffee brands today. Brazilian coffee names are well known and very popular. Many individual brands are available in larger stores, markets and online. There are many popular coffee brands of Brazil but some of the most popular coffee brands are Café Pilao, Café do Ponto, Brazilian Santos, Cafe Melitta, Café Bom Dia, Cafe Caboclo and 3 Coracoes.

Brazil Coffee Companies are passionate about making the best Coffee.

Brazilian Coffee

Brazil has 14 different regions where coffee is produced, as you can imagine it is different mix of blends. With so many coffee-producing areas you will find a wide variety of traditional and new experimental coffee beans cultivation.

Most brazilian coffee is unwashed or natural, it means the coffee cherries are dried as they are picked ( skin is not removed ). Natural processing is not so easy to do, the beans can be damaged. Natural or semi-washed processing can add smoothness and sweetness to the coffee beans.

Major Brazilian Coffee Regions:

  • Minas Cerais ( Chapada de Minas, Sul de Minas.. )
  • Bahia ( Costa Atlantico Bahia, Cerrado de Bahia, Chapada Diamantina .. )
  • Paraná (  Norte do Paraná )
  • Espírito Santo
  • São Paulo ( Mogiana, Zona Oeste, ..)
  • Rio de Janeiro
brazilian coffee
taste of brazilian coffee


Best Brazil Coffee Brands


Café Pilao – It is the most Popular or no 1 Coffee Brand in Brazil. It is a full bodied coffee made with dark, slow roasted & finely ground beans which come from the best planting regions of Brazil. Cafe Pilao represents the down-home style of Brazilian coffee with fermented fruit notes and ambiguous flavor character.


Café do Ponto – Harvested in famous and traditional estates of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais in Brazil, Café do Ponto is blended with the best coffee varieties. Vibrant flavor with a refined smooth finish, it is medium roasted and finely ground.


Brazil Santos Coffee – Bourbon Santos is a medium to high quality, wet processed (washed) coffee from Brazil. The Bourbon coffee plant varietal tends to produce coffees that are fruitier and brighter (more acidic) than other Brazil coffees. The low acidity of Brazilian Bourbon Santos is derived from the region’s lower growing elevations. These beans produce the highest quality coffee.


Cafe Melitta – The Melitta Extra Strong Coffee is made with a combination of grains with dark roasting degree, resulting in a strong coffee flavor, distinctive and more intense aroma. It is one of the best Brazilian coffee brands in the world.

More Brazilian Coffee Companies

Cafe Caboclo – It is one of the most traditional Brazilian coffee brands, which is appreciated locally. Caboclo is a medium roasted and finely ground coffee, perfect for everyday and every time use.

Cafe 3 Coracoes – It is Intense & Full-bodied, smooth lasting, 100% roasted and very fine ground coffee, harvested and blend in Brazil.

Cooxupé – It is the largest private coffee cooperative in the world, with farms in the prime growing areas of Minas Gerais and São Paulo, producing Brazil’s finest Arabica coffees.

Santa Clara100% certified organic coffee beans produced in Brazil. These beans produce a premium quality coffee, and can be used to make regular coffee (americano) or espresso. Roasted to the Brazilian taste, these beans make a rich and strong coffee with outstanding flavor. The beans were roasted by the leading Brazilian coffee producer, 3 Coracoes – under the Cafe Santa Clara brand.

Café Bom DiaIt has become the largest producer of sustainable coffee from Brazil, with its Gourmet Coffee worshiped by the biggest coffee drinkers around the world. Bom Dia Brazil is a single origin, fresh roasted brazilian coffee which is luxurious and full of flavour, grown in the most fertile soils. It offers a heavy body and sweet, smooth complexity. The silky mouth feel and bright citrus notes of this Brazilian coffee make this an intensely enjoyable experience.

Café Jaguari – Coming from the states of Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo and Sao Paulo, the bean processed by Cafe Jaguari originates from the best coffee producing regions in Brazil. It is tradional roasted, extra strong and grounded 100% Arabica coffee. These top quality beans make Cafe Jaguari’s one of the best Brazilian coffee brands.

Café Guidali – Made with high quality grains from the best coffee regions of Minas Gerais. Roasted and ground.

Café Rancheiro – A coffee Brand that is 100% Arabica made with beans selected from one of the best coffee regions in Brazil. The coffee is roasted while it is still in the form of beans. Low, medium or high roasted according to the local market requirements

Café Pacaembu – Very aromatic and sophisticated flavor, 100% Arabica. It’s a perfect coffee for special moments and gives more pleasure in every cup.

Café Caiçara – Café Caicara brings the best in coffee. Its grains are 100% Arabica type and have the high quality standards required in gourmet drinks. Suitable for espresso coffee machines, it results in a full-bodied drink, engaging aroma, nutty flavor and a dense hazel cream.

Why is Brazilian coffee so expensive?

  • Coffee prices in Brazil have more than doubled since the pandemic began in Feb/March 2020, with inflation over 12% in the last year. This is partly due to supply chain issues and climate impacts on coffee production.
  • Brazil as the world’s largest coffee producer, rising costs for fuel, fertilizers, and transportation in Brazil have pushed up coffee prices. Export costs have also gone up.
  • A major frost in 2021 damaged coffee crops in several parts of Brazil, reducing supply. Lower productivity on some farms has also contributed to the higher prices in general.
  • Coffee shops and supermarkets in Brazil have raised prices 60% on average. The increased costs of production have been passed onto consumers, who were not expecting such large price increases.
  • Overall, pandemic disruptions and climate challenges have created a high price scenario for coffee in Brazil and globally due to lowered supply and higher costs across the coffee supply chain.

When you are in Sao Paulo for business or vacation, a great place to visit is the Museu do Café in Santos.  The Coffee Museum is in a historic building and very well preserved.

Address and Contact

Rua XV de Novembro, 95 – Centro
CEP: 11010-151 – Santos – SP
Fone: (13) 3213-1750

Website ( available in english as well ) :

Museu do Café opens from Tuesday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and on Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The cost for visiting Museu do Café is R$ 5.00.
Students and elder people of more than 60 years old pay only half of price.

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