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Brazil Beaches: Northeast Beaches of Rio Grande do Norte

The best Brazil beaches in Rio Grande do Norte Brazil are not limited to those large popular attractions described in an earlier article,  Best Beach Resorts in Natal Rio Grande do Norte – Brazil. In fact, the other nearby beaches featured below, while less publicized, have their own special merits and can very well hold their own.

Brazil Beaches of Rio Grande do Norte


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Further north of the city of Natal are more beautiful, less crowded but more difficult to reach Brazil  beaches Offshore attractions will allow you to spend your day snorkeling and discovering shallow water coral reefs, such as those found in Maracajaú. Catamarans and motor boats can take you there where you can dive in the crystal-clear waters and watch multicolored fishes swimming among the corals. You can also learn scuba diving which is also offered in some tour packages.

Ma-Noa Park offers tourists kiosks, aquatic park, and swimming pools near the beach. You can rent a catamaran if you want a trip to the reef. Other attractions include the Tree of Love (Árvore do Amor) in Maxaranguape, as well as Roque beach which is the nearest point of Brazil to Africa.

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Several TV commercials have been shot in this exotic location 65 kilometers north of Natal. You can go horseback riding among the sand dunes and coconut trees or go sandboarding down the dunes and plunging into the water.


The serene beach of Pititanga is located south of Barra do Rio Punaú. There are fish and shrimp restaurants, bars and a spa nearby. There is also some fishing villages in the vicinity but they don’t have tourist accommodations or dining places.


Perobas lies 88 kilometers north of Natal, close to a peaceful fishing community. Its beach provides access to the Punaú River. The coastal reef is a nature wonder seldom sightseen and is accessible during low tide.

The Brazil  beaches close by include Carnaubinha, Garças, Cajueiro and Calcanhar. The lighthouse in Calcanhar is the world’s second tallest. It is 62 meters high and has 296 steps.

São Miguel do Gostoso

112 kilometers north of Natal is the windy area of São Miguel do Gostoso, a favorite tourist spot for kite and wind surfing. From a single inn during the 1990’s, several lodgings and dining places have sprouted to accommodate the growing number of visitors every year. Some restaurants like Arraial do Marco, Vento Leste Restaurante and Latitude 5 have all gained popularity due to their unique culinary attractions.

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Galinhos offers a unique getaway for urban-weary tourists. This spot lies on a tiny peninsula populated by about 2,000 residents. Access to the town is limited only to boats, or ATV’s or buggies that can travel through sand dunes. The town has very few accommodations and dining places but it is the rustic atmosphere that draws in its visitors. Boat, raft and dune buggy tours are available when needed.


Macau is located in an area known as the White Coast, a salt-making region in Rio Grande do Norte with about 25,000 inhabitants. Its carnival celebration is one of the best in the state. Macau is actually an island with mountains of salt and is the largest producer of sea salt in Brazil. It is connected to the mainland by man-made highway bridges.

Three kilometers from downtown Macau is Camapum Beach, with the fishing villages of Soledade, Diogo Lopes and De Barreiras several kilometers away. Dune buggy rides and boat excursions on the estuary are available in Diogo Lopes.


One of the most toured Brazil  beaches, Pirangi is 15 kilometers south of the city of Natal. It is made popular by its natural pools. However, it is made even more popular for its biggest cashew tree in the world, as confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records. The tree which measures 500 meters in circumference is more than a century old. It is 70 times bigger than the regular cashew tree and covers an area of 7,300 square meters.

Nisia Floresta

Farther down south of Natal is Nisia Floresta which offers several Brazil  beaches and other wonderful water attractions. The beach of Búzios has great sand dunes and strong waves that draw in a lot of surfers. For calmer waves, you can visit Pirambúzios and Pirangi do Sul that are ideal for wind surfing and other water sports.

At nearby Barra de Tabatinga, a breathtaking view of the ocean and dunes can be seen at the Mirante dos Golfinhos. Dolphins have been spotted here at certain times of the year. Pontal Aquatic Park, Praia de Barreta and Camurupim offer natural swimming pools, while Arituba features a wonderful lagoon for bathing.

Pontal Aquatic Park

This sand dune-surrounded beach is getting popular to visitors who seek a more serene and natural settings. It makes an iconic postcard picture of fishing boats on its waters. It is also one of the Brazil  beaches that is perfect for surfing due to its strong waves.


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