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City of Natal: Where to Find the Best Places to Stay

city_of_natal_night_photoIf you are traveling to the city of Natal in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, you’ll discover that finding a suitable accommodation won’t be a problem. Lodgings in this city range from cozy bed & breakfast to cheap motels to full accommodation 5-star hotels. You’re sure to find a place that will surely fit your taste and budget.

For purposes of brevity, hotel accommodation in the four major sectors of the city of Natal will be presented as an overview in this article. These four sectors are Via Costeira, Ponta Negra, Praia de Meio, and Other Areas of the city. They carry a variety of family accommodation ranging from economy-class lodgings to 5-star luxury hotels.

Via Costeira

The construction of the Via Costeira or Coastal Highway during the 1980’s gave birth to the booming tourist industry in Rio Grande do Norte. This 10-kilometer stretch of expressway along the dunes and coastline of the capital city of Natal connects Ponta Negra to Praia de Meio. It is where the classiest and most luxurious hotels (four or five-star classes) are located. The prices here are usually higher than in other city areas. Driving along Via Costeira, you’ll have the city of Natal coastline and hotels on one side and Natal’s protected Parque de Dunas on the other.

  • Natal Mar Hotel. This high-end resort hotel provides easy and fast access to Ponta Negra beach, Parque de Dunas, and Natal Shopping due to its great location. It offers its guests a choice of rooms and suits, adult and children swimming pools with dry or wet deck, and recreational facilities for the family. It also offers balcony with view of the ocean, outdoor massage, beach service, poolside bar, 2 single or 1 double bed, refrigerator, air conditioner, and flat-screen cable TV.
  • Ocean Palace Beach Resort & Bungalows. Ocean Palace is a 5-star hotel with an advantageous location. It is just opposite city of Natal’s Convention Center and only minutes away from Augusto Severo International Airport. What’s more, it is located just outside Ponta Negra beach, but conveniently close to restaurants, handicrafts shops, cinemas, and shopping centers. Its seaside location also provide its guests with prime view of Morro do Careca, the city’s iconic landmark.

Ponta Negra

While some of the hotels in Ponta Negra have a lower standard than those located in Via Costeira, it does have larger hotels that are comparably the best in the city of Natal. Ponta Negra hotels lack luxury features like double swimming pools and saunas, but they make up for them by having better accessibility to restaurants, transportation, shopping places, and other hot spots of the city.

Hotels in Ponta Negra offers its visitors more selections that will suit their budget. They can choose accommodations that are farther from the beach, public TV sets instead of private ones, or non-air conditioned rooms to save on expenses. There are also places that offer all the fine amenities and luxury of Via Costeira hotels.

  • Praia Mar Hotel. Praia Mar Hotel offers a lot of amenities to make your stay memorable but at a more affordable price. Just a few kilometers from downtown Natal, the hotel is right within Ponta Negra beach. It offers great accessibility to a lot of city attractions, as well as the airport that is only 10 kilometers away. Its 131 modern and comfortable guest rooms also include amenities designed for the handicapped and elderly guests.

Praia do Meio

Hotels located in Praia de Meio are close to the beach and come with very affordable prices. This area is ideal if you want to escape the bustle and noise of the city. The hotels are found along the coastal strip stretching from Areia Preta to Praia do Forte. There are also hotels on the hilltops overlooking the magnificent Atlantic coast.

  • Hotel Pousada Marina offers just the bare necessities. If you want an air conditioned room with TV, then be prepared for some rate adjustments. The cool thing is the beach is directly across the street.
  • Residence Praia Hotel is also very close to the beach.
  • Nautilus Praia Hotel. The hotel may be dated but it’s still one of the cheapest places in the city of Natal .

Other fine accommodations that you will want to check out include Novotel Ladeira do Sol, Yak Plaza, Hotel Porto Mirim, Ocean View and Marina Badauê Hotel.

Other Areas in the City of Natal

The city of Natal has other comfortable accommodations downtown and in other areas to offer its visitors. These can range from economy-class hotels to some expensive ones that are very close to city attractions and other interesting spots.

  • Hotel Natal. This comfortable hotel is located downtown and offers rooms at budget prices.
  • Hotel Maine. This hotel is located very near the Machadão stadium, Natal Shopping, and the Carnatal route.

Other hotels in other areas of Natal that are worth mentioning are Hotel Tirol Natal, Arituba, and Potengi Flat.

There are other fine hotels in and around Natal Brazil that can fit any vacation budget. You can find more information about other accommodations in the city of Natal by clicking on this link.

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