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Tabatinga Beach – What Makes It Wonderfully Unique?

tabatinga beach

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Just a few kilometers from Natal Brazil, the wonders of nature have all come together in one place to make Tabatinga Beach a truly unique tourist attraction. Barra de Tabatinga Beach is about 45 km south of Natal. From the top of the cliffs you can see the southern coastline and it is a dolphin observation outlook point when the tide is high. The dunes reach the edge of the sea and the strong winds make this a perfect place for doing paragliding This wonderful place has, in fact, been voted as one of Brazil’s ten best beaches along with Coquerinho and Tambaba.

Tabatinga Beach: A Mixture of Nature’s Beauties

The beach creates an enchanting blend of fresh water streams, cliffs, reefs, maceiós, corals, and a delightful mix of strong and gentle waves. Walk a bit farther to the end of the beach where it joins Coquerinho and you will discover a beautiful place to relax and enjoy. Shade is in abundance and you’ll be delighted by rocky protrusions that hold natural pools. If you get hungry, walk a short way to Coquerinho, enjoy your meal and return to your private oasis.

Tabatinga Beach is always nearly uninhabited. The houses that exist there are very few and far between. The best time to visit is when the tide is going out, so be sure to find out. You will have an amazing time swimming, and you may want to stand on the rocks as they rise out of the water.

Like at most beaches in the northeast of brazil, best is to arrive very early,  so at 7-8 and everything works. Tabatinga Beach is a little paradise very wide, with natural lagoons formed by the ocean. Water is transparent, and warm. Temperature of the water and the fact that the water is shallow make it ideal to spend many hours playing and splashing with the kids.
Keep and Eye on the tide that in my visit at least, climbed at about 14:30. Always talk to the locals or to the people who work at the resataurant.


barra de tabatinga beach sand dunes

Reef Swimming, Dolphins Sighting and Handicraft-Making in Tabatinga Beach

Tabatinga Beach is bordered by reefs that block the entrance of large way, and which create natural pools when the tide is out. While it is open waters, the reefs make the beach good for family with kids and safe for swimming and bathing. From the top of the Mirante dos Golfinhos, you will see dolphins when they come in late in the afternoon to feed near the coast and interact with visitors.

mirante dos golfinhos

Mirante dos Golfinhos
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From the same spot, the view from the cliff will give you a magnificent view of Búzios Beach. There are a lot of great dining places in this area and other interesting sites to visit. Here, you can watch the rendeiras as they make beautiful handicrafts on their own porches. You will also want to visit the nearby Arituba Lagoon with wonderful beaches lining its shore but without the large waves.

Attractions Near Tabatinga Beach

Tabatinga Beach is part of the city of Nísia Floresta in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, and is located south of and about 50 kilometers from downtown Natal. While you’re there, you wouldn’t want to miss a tour of nearby attractions that have become constant tourist favorites in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Arituba Lagoon is your perfect choice if you prefer calmer waters. This fairly large lake situated near Tabatinga Beach is also a part of the city of Nísia Floresta. The lake has clear blue shallow waters and is a tranquil alternative to the waves at the nearby beach. The lagoon offers a safe spot to play on the beach if you have children with you. It has good tourist and leisure facilities which include kayaks, paddle boats, and the ever-popular aerobunda.

In aerobunda, you’ll be speeding down a zipline from a high sand dune, then let go, and drop into the lagoon water below. With the aid of a rope hanging above the lagoon called a tyrolean, you will be able to pull yourself through the water until you make it to the base of the dune. If you would rather wine and dine, there are several bars and dining places along the edge of the lagoon which serve drinks, snacks and different dishes of lobster, shrimp and fish.

Big Blue Water Park is found on the main street of Buzios beach between Tabatinga Beach and South Pirangi on the southern coast of Natal. The entire family is ensured of fun and entertainment. It offers a park, kiddie pools, water slide and ramp for kids. It also has swimming pools, ramp, and water slides for adults. If you would rather spend time on the beach, there are plenty of kiosks and refreshment stalls near the water.

The park has a restaurant that serve different a la carte dishes and a self-service system during summer. There is also a handicraft store, beachwear shop, ice cream parlor and a wide parking area.

Located in the city of Natal Brazil, Maior Cajueiro do Mundo holds the 1994 Guinness Book of World Record title of the largest cashew tree in the world. The tree’s abnormally huge size is triggered by a couple of genetic aberrations which cause its branches to grow outward instead of upward. Over time, the branches that grew outward touched the ground and actually developed roots. The branch which grew roots then matured and grew branches that spread further outward.

The tree is estimated to be over a millennium in age. The land area currently taken up by the tree is 80,000 square feet or approximately five acres. Visitors are given access to a view deck where they can see this gigantic tree from an elevated point.


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