5 Top Brazilian Fashion Labels You Should Know

brazilian fashion label havaianas

Brazilian Fashion Labels are hot. Nearly everyone knows that Brazil is a fascinating country of fantastic beaches, colorful carnival extravaganzas,  and of course, futbol or soccer. While all these things make Brazil a favorite tourist destination, there is also another aspect that visitors will want to check out, and that’s the Brazilian fashion scene. The country has become one of the main travel destination for the international fashion community and boasts one of the most exciting markets to hit the fashion scene.

Serious fashionistas are aware of the many Brazilian fashion labels that have risen from the fashion ranks in the country. Many of them have become household words all over the world, such as the Havaianas flip-flops. Denims made in Brazil have consistently made it to the top of the list when it comes to quality and style.

While there is a wide diversity of designers that come out of this country, below are some of the leading fashion labels in Brazil that should be a part of your fashion check list. It will show you that Brazilian fashion is so much more than just bikinis and colorful beachwear.


Brazilian Fashion Labels Havianas flip flops

Havaianas or flip-flop as we call them, is an iconic brazilian footwear brand and are quite popular in Brazil and internationally as an affordable, casual, and stylish summer shoe option. Bright colours and fun designs are part of their brand image.

Currently owned and manufactured by Brazilian company Alpargatas, Havaianas is one of the biggest in fashion that has come out of Brazil. It is known the world over through its simple yet quality flip-flop sandals inspired by Japanese zori slippers and the exuberant culture and colors of Hawaii. Created in 1962 by Scotsman Robert Fraser, the brand is now internationally recognized for its 100% rubber sandals that range from the basic featured flip-flops to those with elaborate graphic designs.

Key to their success are high-fashion collaborations, with designer labels like Jean Paul Gaultier, Valentino and Missoni.

Pop-up shops at international fashion weeks and sponsoring Brazilian volleyball further linked Havaianas to prestige and brazilian beach life style. Havaianas operate their own concept stores and major retailers and sport shops worldwide have them available. You can find shops in most of the brazilian airports, who are selling Havaianas sandals

  • As of 2020, Havaianas was present in over 100 countries around the world.
  • Outside of Brazil, the largest consumer market of Havaianas are the US, Italy, France Spain, Greece and Portugal.
  • Alpargatas, the brands parent company has stated Havaianas accounts for almost 50% of its total revenue.

Fashion Industry magazin reports: Latest Data for 1Q21: “Havaianas has seen its highest net revenues for a first quarter ever”

Q1 Results for Havaianas:

Total revenue of £148 million, a 11% increase in constant currency
International revenues of £56 million, up 17% in constant currency
In the EMEA region Havaianas net revenues increased by 25%
Total gross profit for Havaianas increased by 2.1% to £70 million in constant currency

resource: thefashion.industry

Havaianas, Portuguese for “Hawaiians”, are the most popular flip-flops brand in the world. About 200 million pairs of sandals leave the factories every year and are sold in several stores pop-up shops in many countries. Havaianas are also available on major ecommerce websites like Amazon..etc..



Established in Rio de Janeiro by Oskar Metsavaht in 1989, Brazil’s biggest luxury fashion brand first started as a sports-themed clothing line. Later on, it was marketed as a brazilian fashion label, a modern brand with heavy focus on luxury. The brand’s ready-to-wear lines are very popular around the world for its exclusive modern design, nature-friendly quality materials, special textures, and its concept of harmonizing contemporary, technological, organic and natural aesthetics. Offering a futuristic appearance and feel, the materials used are light and eco-friendly, with colours that shift from blues and reds, to metallic hues to neutrals, and contours that are delicate but well-structured.

Osklen brand captures Brazil’s easygoing laidback, beach lifestyle mixed with avant-garde design. Signature items include shorts, surf wear, bikinis, swim trunks, dresses, and t-shirts.

Osklen presented its fashion line for the first time in 2003 at Sao Paulo Fashion Week. Recently, its collections were featured in New York at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Osklen has penetrated the international market, building flagship stores in key cities like New York, Rome, Milan, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Brazil, and Puntal del Este in Uruguay

In short: Osklen has his Headquarter in Rio de Janeiro, and specializes in luxury beachwear, fashion, and accessories for men and women, click here to check out the oficial Osklen store

Brazilian Fashion Labels : Colcci

brazilian fashion labels colocci

Colcci is a Brazilian fashion company that creates and markets high-end clothes and accessories for woman and men. The brand holds its main office in Porto Alegre in southern Brazil. It has hundreds of label and franchise stores in 31 countries and operates boutiques in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Portugal, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Guatemala. Its only store in the United States is located in New Jersey.

Colcci’s fashion view was heavily inspired by many street-based styles, mixed with elements of sports themes and hip hop. Their clothing line includes denims, sportswear, footwear and accessories for men and women. Famous celebrities and models such as Paul Walker, Roberto Hilbert, Ashton Kucher, Gisele Bündchen, Caroline Francischini and Paris Hilton were headlined in their campaigns and runway presentations. Gisele Bündchen, who was the label’s leading promotional model since 2005, was also the company’s former spokesperson.

Brazilian Fashion Labels:  Ellus


Ellus is one of the oldest brazilian fashion labels and  has been around for nearly 40 years since it was conceptualized in Minas Gerais in Formiga and established in Sao Paolo in 1972. It is one of Brazil’s most expensive and most famous fashion brands. Ellus is 100% Brazilian-owned and is widely popular in the country in spite being at the expensive end of the fashion spectrum.

Ellus is one of those few and elusive jeanswear brands that fit the male or female anatomy perfectly when worn. It is a wonderful combination of sexy and sensible fashion attire which is rare among denim labels. Ellus has clothing styles for both the slim and the heavyset and continually evolves to meet the changing demands of their audience.

The fashion label has offices and outlets in Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Angola and Chile. It is currently featured at the Sao Paolo Fashion Week.

Forum Brazilian Fashion Label


Forum is a Brazilian fashion label that gives amazing form and presence when worn. Launched in 1981 in Sao Paolo, the Forum brand was recognized for its stylish night dresses and top-quality denims. The brand has been making fashion waves for about 30 years and is the most successful fashion brand of designer Tufi Duek, who also carries another high-end non-denim fashion line. This Brazilian label was one of the first in the world to design and manufacture men’s stretch jeans many years back.

Forum is one of Brazil’s most popular and highly-recognized brand for jeans and casual street attires. When you do an online check of their website, their undiluted street-inspired influence can easily be noticed. The latest fashion trends are evenly matched by dynamic prints that will make heads turn. While Forum was initially created for women’s fashion, it currently manufactures pretty solid men’s attire as well. Famous female celebrities who wear Forum include Meg Ryan, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Jennifer Lopez.

Actually, searching for Forum online can be a bit confusing as the word “Forum” is an often used term on the web. You can have better success with search engines if you use something like “Brazilian Forum fashion” for your search keyword.

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Editors note: this post was updated for comprehensiveness on August 2023

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