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Travel information about Natal Brazil

How do people dress in brazil

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Whether you are just visiting or have decided to make Brazil your home for good, you will want to how Brazilians dress so you can blend in...

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Carnival in Natal and other Festival Events

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  If you are somewhat new to the Carnival in  Natal Brazil carnaval culture, then this short information will provide you with fast facts...

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Natal Carnatal – Best off-season carnival party in Brazil

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  Brazilian people like to celebrate. Every major big city in Brazil has an off-season carnival. Fortaleza has Fortal, Recife has...

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How to Blend In with Brazilian Culture

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  If you think that Brazil is just about soccer, carnival, beaches, and women, you have to think again. The country is much more than...

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Capoeira Dance in Natal: Iconic Symbol of Brazilian Culture

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    Natal, pharmacy order the capital city of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, treat has its own Afro-Brazilian population with...

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Ginga com Tapioca – What Makes It So Popular?

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    One of the nicest things to discover while you are spending a relaxing day at...

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