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Travel information about Natal Brazil

Brazilian Movies: 5 Famous Films you must see

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Brazilian Movies   Movies or Cinema was introduced early in the 20th century in Brazil, but it took some time to consolidate itself...

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Brazil Coffee Brands – Which are the best?

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  Source: Coffee Cultivation: Brazil Coffee Brands Brazil Coffee Brands are passionate about making the best Coffee. Brazil can be...

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Brazilian Musical Instruments

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Brazilian Music is full of Passion, Energy and Enthusiasm, a wide variety of Brazilian Musical Instruments gives the music a very special...

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Carnival in Natal and other Festival Events

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  If you are somewhat new to the Carnival in  Natal Brazil carnaval culture, then this short information will provide you with fast facts...

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Natal Carnatal – Best off-season carnival party in Brazil

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  Brazilian people like to celebrate. Every major big city in Brazil has an off-season carnival. Fortaleza has Fortal, Recife has...

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Pipa Brazil: Guide to Praia da Pipa Beach

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    Pipa Beach (or Praia da Pipa in Portuguese) is one of Brazil’s most well-known beaches. It lies right next to Natal, the capital...

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