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Travel information about Natal Brazil

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Natal Brazil Tourism: Best of Natal Brazil

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  Natal Brazil lies on the Atlantic coast of the South American continent. This city is the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, a state located in the northeasternmost tip of Brazil. Natal is known for its...

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Brazilian Movies: 5 Famous Films you must see

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Brazilian Movies   Movies or Cinema was introduced early in the 20th century in Brazil, but it took some time to consolidate itself as a popular form of entertainment. Like most countries the movie industry...

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Brazil National Flag – History, Facts, Symbolism and Stars

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  Image: Brazil’s National Flag Brazil National Flag is basically a...

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Que tal in Portuguese not the Same as in spanish

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Image: Cafe House conversation “Que tal in Portuguese not the Same as in...

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Brazilian Fruits for your health, exotic drinks, smoothies, desserts

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      Brazilian Fruits are mouth watering, especially the tropical...

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Brazilian Sports – Football; Volleyball and more

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Brazil Sports are very important part of the Brazil Culture. Brazilian people...

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Brazil Coffee Brands – Which are the best?

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  Source: Coffee Cultivation: Brazil Coffee Brands Brazil Coffee Brands...

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Brazilian Musical Instruments

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Brazilian Music is full of Passion, Energy and Enthusiasm, a wide variety of...

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