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Travel information about Natal Brazil

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Natal Brazil Tourism: Best of Natal Brazil

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  Natal Brazil lies on the Atlantic coast of the South American continent. This city is the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, a state located in the northeasternmost tip of Brazil. Natal is known for its...

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Fernando de Noronha getting to from Natal

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    Getting to Fernando de Noronha from Natal is easy. Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago that consists of one central island and several islets. The rocks are formed into natural tide pools that are...

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Brazilian Fruits for your health, exotic drinks, smoothies, desserts

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    Brazilian Fruits are mouth watering, especially the tropical ones...

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Brazilian Movies: 5 Famous Films you must see

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Brazilian Movies   Movies or Cinema was introduced early in the 20th...

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Brazil National Flag – What does it mean?

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Image: Brazil’s National Flag Brazil National Flag is basically a meme...

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Que tal in Portuguese not the Same as in spanish

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Image: Cafe House conversation “Que tal in Portuguese not the Same as in...

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Brazilian Sports – Football; Volleyball and more

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Brazil Sports are very important part of the Brazil Culture. Brazilian people...

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Brazil Coffee Brands – Which are the best?

Posted in Blog, People & Culture | 4 comments

Source: Coffee Cultivation: Brazil Coffee Brands Brazil Coffee Brands are...

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