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Travel information about Natal Brazil

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Natal Brazil: An Overview of the Sunshine City

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  Natal Brazil lies on the Atlantic coast of the South American continent. This city is the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, a state located in the northeasternmost tip of Brazil. Natal is known for its...

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Brazilian Sports – Football; Volleyball and more

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Brazil Sports are very important part of the Brazil Culture. Brazilian people like to have fun and cheering at some sport event makes their day. Everyone knows that football or soccer, as the Americans call it, is...

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Brazil Coffee Brands – Which are the best?

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  Source: Coffee Cultivation: Brazil Coffee Brands Brazil Coffee Brands...

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Brazilian Musical Instruments

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Brazilian Music is full of Passion, Energy and Enthusiasm, a wide variety of...

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7 Exciting Things to Do in Fernando de Noronha

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    The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is one of Brazil’s most...

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Fernando de Noronha getting to from Natal

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  Getting to Fernando de Noronha from Natal is easy. Fernando de Noronha...

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Fernando de Noronha Diving and Snorkeling

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  Fernando de Noronha is an enchanting group of islands that has become a...

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Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park -Is it Worth a Visit?

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  Fernando de Noronha is a scenic archipelago in Brazil that has been...

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